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China released the newest digital cryptocurrency called Digital Yuan. Bitcoin has gone from 0.002$ to 10,000$ and Digital Yuan is expected to go even higher.

DigitalYuanTrader is an auto-trader built on Digital Yuan and Yuan-backed securities. You can now comfortably invest in the upcoming Chinese revolution and allow our Artificial Intelligence tool to make optimized trades on your behalf reaping massive daily profits.

how to start?

Digital Yuan has allowed our auto-trader to view price changes in the Chinese stock market minutes before they happen. Consequently, the auto-trader can make profitable trades by knowing the price in advance. A demo account is free to use!

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Complete registration and get access to a FREE demo trading account.

step 2

real mode

Activate real mode trading by depositing a small amount to your account through a regulated financial broker.

step 3


Turn on the auto-trading functionality and start earning through financial arbitrage! Time for champagne!

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Entrepreneur Feedback

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

“Imminent rise of a Chinese digital currency could undermine overall dollar dominance of global trade and finance”

Garrick Hileman

Garrick Hileman

head of research at Blockchain and researcher at the London School of Economics

“Ultimately I expect the digital yuan to play an important strategic role in China’s ongoing efforts to become a global financial superpower and compete with the U.S. dollar as the world’s number one reserve currency”

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

“Digital currencies have the potential to transform the lives of the world’s poorest.”

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose

“I do believe that there’s no doubt that the future of currency is digital.”

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